Got invited by X2 Softlens last week to attend a gathering for beauty bloggers at Harlow Brasserie, Jakarta. It was a really fun moment gathering with fellow bloggers as we followed all the activities arranged by X2. The event was sponsored by LAKMÉ makeup, so it was definitely not a surprise to see our tables filled with LAKMÉ beauty products and also a mirror ( by this point I started to wonder what are we going to do with all of the equipments!! ) The event was opened with 2 rounds of talkshow, discussing everything we should know about content lens and how it makes us more beautiful.

We should also wear X2 contacts given to us at the start of the event. I honestly have always been paranoid over contact lenses since I’ve heard scary “myths” and “rumours” about it being dangerous and harmful for the eyes. Being skeptical, I tried to push myself far away from the fear, and tried it on for the first time in my life. It was scary and I really struggled to get it into my eyes. Like all the girls around me literally helped along. But it was an amazing and proudful experience once I’ve put it on, since I conquered my lifelong fears! My pupil’s color turned to a beautiful shimmering vivid grey color. Apparently I just realized that the appearance of pupil is much more significant than what I initially thought.

When it’s done, we continued to the next activity, which was RE-DOING OUR EYE MAKEUP! At first I was quite pissed because I spent a lot of time doing my eye makeup at home and now I have to remove and re-create my eye makeup within only…5 minutes. Yes. 5. So it definitely was a challenge for me and I was pessimistic from the start. We’re told to create a casual look with LAKMÉ products, so they provided us with eyeshadow palette, liquid liner, mascara, gel liner, lipstick and all the brushes we need. As I expected, I didn’t win the 5 minutes makeup challenge and it was fine because I expected none. It’s impossible. Nevertheless, I had fun with the makeup products and tools, especially the GOLD Eyeshadow Palette with the peachy color and light orange-pink color inside. Their makeup remover is also one of the best remover I’ve tried, because the bottle comes with a sprayer and it can remove makeup quite easily.

Didn’t regret going all the way to Jakarta to attend this event, because not just the event itself was fun, but also they gave me lots of goodies!! I brought home with me the makeup products I mentioned above from LAKMÉ and also 3 contact lenses in different colors from X2. Hopeful to be braver in the future.

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