Dapatkan softlens Exoticon dari optik terdekat – Klik disini

If you’re looking for lens which come up with various beautiful bright colours, I’m so recommend you to choose X2 Glam. (@x2softlens).


Before I blogged about this, I’ve tried put on this for a week to know the quality of this lens.

Firstly, the packaging is so cute with pastel beige colour and mini bottles that contains the lens (usually other lens put the new lens on plastic packaging). So X2 wins at this point at my first sight.

As I know, X2 used to come up with thick lens, but this time, it’s not as thick as the old time. Which is this is the good news for you who like to put on lens for one day use.

 Tbh,I like to put on lens from AM till PM, and what’s surprise me from this lens are, it’s still comfortable and hydrated until night, moreover it doesn’t make your eyes irritate and also makes them look brighter. Not only those, i’m pretty sure it suits with any occasions especially glam party as well as with people who love playing with eye-make up.

So, #Areyouglamenough ?

Sumber : https://steffaniwellie.blogspot.co.id/2017/06/review-x2-glam-soft-lens.html?m=1

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