If you’re following my Instagram, you may know that I’m wearing glasses because I have bad eye sight. I usually take out my glasses whenever I’m taking pictures for blog, but without it I can’t see well. Sometimes, when I already put some makeup, it won’t be too visible because of my glasses. It’s one of the reason why I’m so lazy wearing makeup. I don’t wear any softlens because I was a little bit traumatized and my eyes are super sensitive. Only these past months I’ve been thinking that I need to start wearing softlens for some occasions like blogger event or party. I’m still looking for a “perfect” lenses that won’t cause any irritation and I think I’ve found it…? :)) X2 softlens sent me their new series of softlens called X2 Glam + X2 Comfort solution to try. Don’t worry, this is an honest review.

The box is glam and girly with cute white cat and shopping girl. I think the box color is based on the lenses color. Mine is Tourmaline, therefore the box is greenish. The lenses itself is stored inside bottle jar and perfectly sealed, so the hygiene is guaranteed.

I got mine in Tourmaline, it’s greenish color. I thought it’d be too bright on my eyes but turned out it blends well with my eye color and looks natural. I was amazed when I put it on my eyes for the first time because I didn’t feel like wearing any lenses. It’s light and felt so natural on the eyes. I wore it for a while and it also didn’t tire nor dry my eyes which means super okay to wear for a long duration activity.

You can see the result on the picture below! Don’t you love the color? It also can make my small eyes look bigger. Now I can put on nice makeup on my eyes without glasses and ready to look glam. So, are you glam enough? :))

Source : http://www.bigdreamerblog.com/2017/06/review-x2-glam-tourmaline.html

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