Shin Manga

  • 58% polyhema
  • 42% water
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Diameter : 15.5 mm
Color Range : Kokoa Brown, Karin Grey, Misa Brown, Siera Grey, Kira Black
Power Range : Plano s/d -6.00 (step 0.25D): Kokoa Brown, Karin Grey -6.00 s/d -10.00 (step0.50D): Kira Black Plano s/d -6.00 (step 0.25D), -6.00 s/d -10.00 (step0.50D): Misa Brown, Siera Grey
No. AKL : 21204716149


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Exoticon is the best choice for high quality soft cosmetic lenses. Love Your Eyes with Exoticon Soft Cosmetic Lens X2/a+/ICE.

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