I used to wear clear softlens when I was in high school, because school didn’t allow students to wear something striking, including colored softlens. Long story short, later after graduated from high school, I put aside my clear softlens and keep using colored softlens instead – are you in the same team ? Well, I think many people agree that colored softlens is much better than clear softlens because it’s noticable, changes our preference, and perfect for makeup. However, have you ever realized that actually clear softlens is way safer than colored softlens for our daily activity ? Literally clear softlens has higher oxygen level and the texture is thinner than colored one – so it supposed to be more comfortable to wear. That’s why when I received this Sanso Clear softlens from X2, I started to think that it’s the best time to try clear softlens again – so, let’s just begin the review !
What it is :
X2 Sanso is “oxygen” in Korean language. Made from Silicone Hydrogel which is perfect for sensitive eyes. X2 Sanso Clear can deliver oxygen until 80% higher than another hydrogel softlens. This material is also able to maintain humidity two times more so it can protect the eyes from dryness and irritation.
– One month supply
– Silicone Hydrogel, 56% water
– Base Curve : 8.60 mm
– Diameter : 14.2 mm
– Power Range: -0.50 – 6.00 (step 0.25D) -6.50 ñ 10.00 (step 0.50D)


Pair of clear softlens ( plus one refill ) inside fancy white paper box and perfectly sealed. The instruction can be seen inside the box and all written in Bahasa Indonesia.
Super soft, thin gel texture.
I feel like I don’t wear any softlens at all because of its super soft, thin texture. When I saw my eyes in the mirror, I even barely see the softlens if I didn’t come close to the mirror. The high level water makes it so comfortable to wear for around 8 hours plus and the size is just perfectly fine for my eyes. However, I have a bad experience when I took off the softlens. I don’t know the exact reason, but when I was going to take off the softlens, I couldn’t find it on my eye. I even tried to touch my eye ball but still couldn’t find it. It was just dissapeared and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I made a conclusion that it fell off when I was going to take it off, but frankly I am still wondering where it is until now, lol.
– Safely sealed packaging
– Comes with a refill
– Super comfortable for daily wear
– High level water ( 56% ) so it doesn’t dry eyes
– Affordable price ( around IDR 95.000 or $7 )
– Only for one month supply
– Super thin texture ( almost unseen )
I must say that I like this softlens but not loving it. I like how it goes so natural on my eyes and how comfortable it is but since I am a huge fans of colored softlens, I will still go for X2 Sanso Color ( thank you to X2 that they also sent me X2 Sanso Color in Cappucino ). However, I will still wear this clear softlens for my weekdays activity because sometimes we have to #restoureyes , right ?
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